How To Easily Offend People or ‘Not sure and no desire to look up’

How To Easily Offend People or ‘Not sure and no desire to look up’

It seems almost inevitable, the posting of several posts in one go, certainly if you are one of the people whose own writing inspires them. The inspiration for this particular blogpost is my about page. Here I mention ‘princess of china’ from Coldplay and as written there ‘Rihanna?!’. This was a case of ‘not sure and no desire to look up’. So from now on: ?! means: ‘I’m not sure, and since I admit that you have no excuse to be offended, and If you want to know, look up yourself’.

So why de mention of offence? Well. Once up on a time (yet again) an art history student that was visiting Paris and had already been to the louvre asked, in a fashion related to the ‘not sure and no desire to look up’ namely the ‘not sure, other people surely are so why not ask’, who again was Delacroix/what was he famous for? This rather lazy but functional question: it was awnsered resulted in something else: someone being offended by the fact that an art history student (to be fair, a first year) could ask such an ignorant question.

So what is the solution to offence due to ignorance: one could say: education, but since you might have guessed already from the previous anecdote: education is not a proper insurance against ignorance. Rather than education I would go for acknowledgement: thus I want to introduce something new to the Wondrous Wild Web:  NSANDTLU. As an observant reader you have already guessed or successfully derived the meaning of this  word combination ‘Not Sure And No Desire To Look Up’. In all fairness this ‘disclaimer’ will maybe not stop people being offended by ignorance, but it will introduce a new kind of honesty, and it shows that the user of the acronym in question is at least not ignorant of his or her ignorance and laziness. As we say in Dutch or as Matthijs van Nieuwkerke says at the end of de wereld draait door. Tot Zover.

Just before posting this but after writing it an observant reader mentioned that i did not translate the dutch word ‘flipperkast’ to english, beside a case of NSADTLU, using a (to some people) foreign word without giving translation gives a sense of exotism, and perhaps stirs someone’s curiosity, and though deemed a sin during the middleages, isn’t curiosity not one of the most wonderfull things in this universe?


2 thoughts on “How To Easily Offend People or ‘Not sure and no desire to look up’

  1. karlanvdlustgraaf says:

    I’m not sure I agree with your point, since it’s so easy to look something up. You’re basically saying: I’m lazy. And laziness is a sin, I would argue.
    However, I can relate to the: ‘Not sure, other people surely are so why not ask’. And if I ask someone about it and they are offended; That’s something I don’t understand. Especially if I didn’t have an opportunity to look it up. I didn’t choose to forget this. Sorry my memory isn’t as good as yours 😦
    xxx observant reader


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