Ratherreadyou, that is the literal translation from Dutch to English of ‘lieverleesje, however, in Dutch it sounds much sweeter, since the Dutch ‘liever’ aside from rather could mean sweeter. Another reason to choose this title in Dutch rather than English is that it becomes an whole new word: three words put together to become a whole new word, and give a whole new meaning. But why rather read? I must say, up to now I have only followed other people’s blogs, rather enjoying what they write than what I could possibly write myself. So why the change? Why not reading but writing? Perhaps because even though I enjoy other people’s stories it is not that I don’t have anything to say myself, or stories to tell. I can imagine that this blog, rather than just telling my own stories would consist of recommendations, something that is also already suggested in the blogs title.


However, today I will tell a little bit of my own story, the story of a girl who is in love with fabric, yarn, art, walking around, and sitting inside, surfing the web. A girl that has so many stories in mind but is notoriously bad at writing. This is not my first blogpost. For a course on History and Culture of Russia I wrote several blogpost on subjects related to class we had in the same week. I have rarely enjoyed doing my homework so much, and wondered how to continue this enjoyment ever since. So many times I wonder: why  did no one write this down?  I hope this blog will become a mix of creativity, research, stories and perhaps fiction and poetry, how? I have both numerous and no ideas, I hope we will see. ‘all art/drawing/images mine unless otherwise noted’


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