Shoemaker stay with your lees(t)je

One of the reasons why I started this blog and wht even if I only post on it for day  it cheers me up so much, is because of the struggle that is described in the title of the post. For non-Dutch speakers here, there is a Dutch proverb saying ‘schoenmaker blijf bij je leest’ directly translated: shoemaker stay with your boot-tree. It means that you should stay with your profession, your expertise, perhaps the limits society has put on you.  In the past autumn I was part of a creative brainstorm session on ‘borders’ even though that theme, surely during the present days of numerous refugees you can go to all kind of directions with this theme. For the brainstorm night I made a little visual expression of how I interpreted the theme. For me borders was about the proverb: keep to the limits society has put on you.


The image is a visualisation of what I experience when I look at a work of art.  ‘I’ am represented by the small black square, the triangle that is facing me, pointing at me is the way I am allowed to look at a particular artwork. When I don’t keep to my limitations I am deemed un academic, fantasizing, inappropriate. But men oh men, this artwork represents so much more than what I can comprehend. It projects into the unknown, the uncertain, the wondrous. And all these wondrous things are tickling in the back off my mind.

In academics and science there is limited space for truly interesting things such as art, philosophy and for myself particularly interesting religion and God. However, in this little corner of the web that I called Lieverleesje, I can pick up any boot-tree, needle, thread, pen or pencil. Any thought can be connected and stretch. All the uncertain stringy gold things can be discovered and experienced.


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