When is your (art) work good enough?


A few  months ago I visited the Stedelijk museum of art. This time I was not there to research or study rather to go out and celebrate freedom and to enjoy the influence of other people’s creations. What I sometimes do in museums is walk around with a notebook. And somewhere in the museum I realised, I wondered, I wrote down:


How does that work? How do you feel? when you see something that you do, make or have made as art. Enough faith to put it up, to show, no longer caputured in an ‘I do this because it feels good’

I was talking about this the other day with one of my ‘artist friends’ and she is an artistic researcher and said that once Duchamp said that there is aside from the artist and the artwork there is a relationship between the artwork and the public. Maybe thát makes defining and experiencing something as ‘art’ so hard. Interesting enough today on the Humans of New York, one of my favorite sources of inspiration, a gentlemen shared:

“I don’t enjoy observing people as much as I used to. Everyone acts like they’re on stage. People used to come to The Village sheepishly. Nobody was sure if they belonged. We didn’t know if we were artists. These days everyone walks around like they’re contributing something. There’s no angst anymore. There’s too much certainty. And that’s a shame. Because all the best art comes from people who feel like they don’t belong. Art is a way of proving your existence. When I was a young man, a person that I respected told me that I was an artist. It was one of the worst things that could have happened to me. I stopped walking into museums or galleries with a sense of awe. I walked in feeling like an ‘artist.’ My arms would be crossed. If I liked a piece, it was ‘good.’ If I didn’t like a piece, it was ‘bad.’ I didn’t feel vulnerable anymore. I lost my humility. And that’s when growth stops.” http://www.humansofnewyork.com/

Maybe not knowing is ok.  Maybe not knowing is better. I’m not sure what this blog is about, but ‘it feels good’ I enjoy it, and that’s enough.


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