Watch as the snow falls down, covers everything


Ok. Confession. It is not snowing, it is not even close, spring is creeping through the cracks. Flowers open up their arms, the sun is coming around the corner. Why the title? I’m listening to Mike Mains and The Branches.  The song that is the title of this post is ‘stop the car’ now actually that has also little to do with what I wanted to discuss in this post. Today, yet again I wanted to talk about creativity, and a trip down to memory lane.  Two days ago, for no particular reason, I decided to open up my big file map  with drawings and projects. Projects that I did during high school. It is interesting to go back like that.. I was a creative kid, at some point in time 5th and 6th year I would spend all my free hours at the drawing classroom, working on projects. These drawing classes were some of the most wonderful things that I ever had, they enabled and stimulated me to put my everyday creativity into actual projects. It was interesting to look back at the things I made, some that were less interesting, others that reminded me of how I loved to experiment and create. It is funny how it works, creativity.  Talking to a lot of my friends, as well those that were in the drawing class with me, after leaving a group like that, you forget to be as creative, you don’t take the time, or have the space.

Every now and then I wonder: what if I would put more time into my creative work? Take up a class? Luckily you don’t always have to take a class to get some things done, or get inspired, sometimes it’s just showing your old projects to a good and creative friend. The picture at the top of this post is a piece of art that came into being trough the storing of the pieces of one of my artworks: it is a bunch of stencils I used to ‘print’ on textiles for my drawing exam. They had morphed into a beautiful new collage: it is not yet new work, but the photo is a way of interacting in a creative way with the world again. Thus I come to the title of this post. I was not really inspired by the snow, but the fact that it covers everything. Creativity, a creative outlook on the world, the recognition of a beautiful images is everywhere, creativity can cover everything. For now, it feels good to look back, recognise the beauty of what I made before, rediscover this part of my past, this part of my life and myself. And for now I write, and you can read while the words fall down, and cover everything.


2 thoughts on “Watch as the snow falls down, covers everything

  1. karlanvdlustgraaf says:

    Je hoeft natuurlijk niet te creëren. Zeker als je geen artiest bent heb je lekker de luxe om alleen te creëren als je dat zelf wilt.
    En mooi die stencils. Ik kan me dat nog herinneren van tekenen inderdaad. Ik zie een familie met 4 oudere personen en 2 kinderen die elkaars hand vasthouden 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • annelenalj says:

      hehe nee, het is fijn dat niks moet 🙂 hihi het zijn inderdaad 4 personen: maar het zijn 2 verschillende verhalen: de 4 personen op de bank is gebaseerd op een foto van ik + broers + zus, de andere van dat twee mensen elkaars hand vast houden weet ik niet zeker meer, maar ik vind het mooi dat het zo een nieuw verhaal verteld 🙂 toffe interpretatie.


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