The power of love

Today I again attended the alpha course, and we talked about the death of Jesus Christ, and how it represented how he loved us. And yet later we came in to the questions: how do we know if someone really love us, or if we really love others, and does it matter how much  someone else loves us? Do we not choose what we like, love or what is convenient?


a place I love

Interestingly enough I just remembered we discussed this after I wrote the title. The title I wrote because of something I just now experienced. I read something written by someone I know, and I realised: oh how I love this person. I rejoiced in seeing, reading the kind of things only she could write, the very personal yet very professional ideas she had, carried out and wrote down. The text was about data analysis, something I’m not particular interested in, but the power of love was that I wanted to read it, I rejoiced in reading it because trough the words I recognised her soul, and learned somethings about wat was going on in her mind, as the work shows the artist, whether it is a self-portrait or not, it shows their eyes.

The power of love is reading something that does not necessarily interest you, discussing things you never would choose to discuss yourself, because you enjoy seeing what makes the other person tick, you enjoy to see through their eyes, and you let them paint a part of the world that is now coloured by their vision on the matter, and whenever encountering the same thing, you will think of what they thought, and what they said. Because they are ever present in your heart. It is : I wonder what you would have thought of this? would you have loved it? or argued that it was the most horrible thing you have ever seen? I want to know, I can imagine, and I will remember, because I know and love you, you are a part of how I view the world, what I see and what makes me look up and smile. Looking back, remembering in wonder, knowing that you would not have seen the world the same without them, knowing you travelled together and have grown trough knowing and loving them.   That, tonight I experience as the power of love.



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