Temporary Obsession Knowledge Extraction

Now I am not sure whether or not the title is correct English but I like how it sounds. It has some nice kind of rhythm about it. Loving words and rhythm I find this irresistible. However, words are not the only place I love rhythm, I am no musician (1 year of piano classes and all I can do is play with one hand), but I like composing things with a kind of rhythm. Whether it is titles of blogposts or designing with textile objects: embroidery patterns, knits, quilts, drawings, or the latest: weavings. Not sure if that is a word either, but it goes nicely in the list. The last Wednesday it was Kingsday, the day Facebook says to you that it is a wonderful day for celebrating you are Dutch. So how do Dutch celebrate on a day that is apparently about being Dutch? Well… we take out all our junk, put it on the street and sell it to our fellow Dutchmen. Right. Our idea of a party is selling our old stuff starting from 10 cts. Even though I was slightly disillusioned about Kingsday this year, especially since I live in the centre of Amsterdam and all the big parties with music and dj’s were held outside the centre, I really enjoyed the day. Not in the least because I bought some creative gear that I wanted for a long time for only 1 euro :). So what did I buy? A.K.A.my latest obsession? I bought a small loom, part of a ‘weef je eigen tasje’ box. So today I proudly present my production of this week.

DSC01013DSC00997However, this post wouldn’t fully ‘belong’ on this blog or in my line of thought if I did not use this latest temporary obsession as a means to explain something bigger. Once upon a time in high school my tutor tried to help me study more effective. He asked me to, for a week, fill in a form of what I did that week. When I showed it to him  he asked me what it said on the weekend: It said ‘chainmail’ : I spend that weekend learning from the web how chainmail is made. Even though I might not have spend many more days pursuing this craft I still know it’s basics, though, it turned out that these basics were a lot easier to understand than carry out. Nevertheless my knowledge of the technique, or something like how to turn iron wire efficiently into rings, will not be lost. I have learnt a lot of things this way. Sure, not all my knowledge is entirely useful, since it sometimes also goes into ‘which actor is in which film’. Then again, I remember being so impressed by my friend who knew all these things, and now I know these things as well. I love how my temporary obsessions aid the extraction of knowledge about a certain technique or cultural phenomenon. I prefer obsessing about (crafting) techniques, because facts and stories change, or get updated all the time, but techniques stay. Such as weaving. One of the oldest techniques of the world. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Temporary Obsession Knowledge Extraction

  1. karlanvdlustgraaf says:

    Chainmail xD Hahahaha. Voeg een zielig verhaal, manipulatie en wat gehackte emails samen?
    Obsessies zijn idd een makkelijke manier om snel meer kennis te verzamelen. Eigenlijk zouden ze die obsessie stijl ook moeten aanhouden op school/uni. Gewoon de meest bizarre voorbeelden gebruiken zodat je denkt: WAT IS DIT?? IK WIL MEER WETEN.


    • annelenalj says:

      haha like it 🙂 oh, had zo’n hekel aan van die ‘blackmail ketting brieven’ van vroeger.. pff. nu ook op facebook ‘als je dit leest’haha ik word dan een heel vervelend persoon van binnen. @#$@! met je als ik dit dan ik dat > no way. maar inderdaad het ‘wat is dit ik wil hier meer van weten’ da is ook waar ik altijd het meeste van heb geleerd: research projecten die je start omdat je geen idee hebt, maar wel benieuwd bent :).


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