Growing and milestones: the real world

Crazy how it goes. Seeing yourself grow. I remember not being able to knit. At all. Now probably most of you think. well, uh duh, who can knit nowadays? but for a kid like me that loved sewing crocheting and all things creative this was kind of a ‘problem’. So I decided to teach myself knitting. Sure, for a long time the effort was not really fruitful, but at some point I learned myself knitting. A whole new way of knitting: something experienced knitters can see in a second of my working. Point is: I don’t feel like a knitter, but I have quite a few hours on my needles (100+ thanks to series+knitting), and I’m learning more and more. It is a strange and wonderful moment when you feel and see your dreams and wishes becoming reality: for me mostly creative dreams, but it is not limited to that: doing the internship you wanted, going on a trip that you dreamed about, clearly explaining something you could only hope to one day understand.

Quo vadis To Fear Or Not To Fear logo

For me this growing and milestones has a lot to do with insecurity and fear. Even for someone like me who often thinks ‘I think I’m able to do that myself as well’ uncertainty can hold me back. So what is the milestone that made me write this blog?  It might not seem like a lot, but I (accidently) provided artwork for the new flyer for ‘Quo Vadis Café’ an event we’re organising with a group people. For some reason I always thought: a graphic designer needs to do this. But for keeping up the Facebook page I needed an image, so I created something. The others who I was working with liked it enough to use it for the flyer, so here we are.

It is all small steps. I’m not the greatest knitter, and I’m not all the sudden the most talented graphic designer. It’s strange, doing something, achieving something you did not think was on the menu, grows your confidence and allows your mind to grow more dreams. Our society increases awareness of having dreams, sometimes suggesting that the one thing you dream of when pursuit is the going to be the greatest thing the world has ever seen. To me, that’s not so important, for me true joy and miracles lay in seeds in remembering and cherishing them. Watching them grow, being amazed at how fruitful little dreams can be.


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