I see beauty in you//It’s going to be a while

I think it came up before, but I tend to be quite unorganised in my choices. and sometimes these choices turn out great. I don’t know when but some years ago I found out about this great (legal) music download platform: Noise trade. Now this blogpost is not really an advertisement, but rather a product of found inspiration. Via Noise trade I found out about the band ‘Fever Fever’ and I loved it ever since I randomly downloaded their album ‘Native colour’. These are amazing acoustic recordings that have a feeling of sunshine, summer and outdoors. This week the band presented ‘native colour IÍ’ again free on noise trade, so I would say: go get it. Anyways: inspiration. The title of this blog consists of 2 parts of the lyrics to the song ‘blue’: ‘I see beauty in you, even when your down in shades of blue’ & ‘If you’re looking for a break in the clouds It’s going to be awhile’  I think the experience of beauty is remarkable. Immanuel Kant dedicated one of his books to it: beauty and the sublime. I once wrote an essay about how Immanuel Kant’s philosophy about beauty relates to one of the Stedelijk museum for modern arts directors Willem Sandberg. Sandberg writes not about beauty,  but about how love is the same as art. Sandberg writes:

how can I describe this very personal emotion?

                Everyone who feels it speaks of beauty,

                Splendor, but . . .

                               love and art have nothing to do with beauty


‘This very personal emotion.’ Kant describes that thinking something is beautiful is an experience, yet you take in as a fact. You want everyone to know this, you expect that everyone will recognise the thing you find beautiful as exactly that: beautiful. However, Kant states that beauty is subjective, and as such is not a fact that can be proved. Even though beauty is not factual Kant reserves a place for beauty and the sublime in his works about the ability to judge.

It is curious don’t you think? beauty is such a subjective thing yet it can fill us with joy and desire and comfort. It seems to have no use in the survival of everyday yet it is so essential to our happiness. Seeing beauty, having this very personal perspective on the world seems vital. This is so personal,  like the words of Solomon: Your joy is your own; your bitterness is your own. No one can share them with you.(proverbs 14:10). Yet the experience of beauty and joy give us a feeling of belonging. A feeling of shouting it from the rooftops, or nowadays: post it on Instagram.

Yet. The Fever Fever song goes on and I wrote on: it’s going to be a while. I have a lot going on these days. Sometimes you’d wish that seeing the beauty in struggle will make it disappear, but it rarely does. Yet there is hope: ‘i see beauty in you, even though you are down in shades of blue, and you are waiting for a break in the clouds but it will be awhile for you.’ It will take a while, but the sun will come out. And you’ll love it for it: not because you see it, but because of how it will enlighten your world once again.



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