Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration :)

So every  once in a while I end up here, writing a blogpost. Usually I am inspired by two or three thing that I love to write about. In the last couple of days , (or even just today) I have had about 10 or twenty ideas to write a blog… So many beautiful lyrics, quotes or thoughts that are so cool to write about, and all deserve at least 400 word to explore and expose all the ins and outs I discovered in or near them. Alas, this text is not about any of these. A part of me thinks it might be a good idea to just list all the ideas but another part of me decided to write about what is happening right now, rather than writing about all the individual great things I found. I am happy and inspired. Every now and then this happens. I’m inspired and almost everything that I encounter seems to be some of the best things that I have seen. In a way it is very similar to the process and occurrences I have described in a previous blog: TEMPORARY OBSESSION KNOWLEDGE EXTRACTION. In that blog I wrote about how sometimes I get quite obsessed by some kind of technique or art form causing me to learn all kinds of things. This is the same with inspiration. Sometimes things hit me to be super special. And even though it might seem as some kind of temporary high with little relevance to real life it is not like that for me. The things I am inspired by stay with me for a long time, and they make their way to  a written or unwritten list of desire.. In fact on of the things on my long list of blogpost topics are things that came from an inspiration-spike unto my bookshelf today :).


Inspiration: Don’t you think these sheep are brilliant? 🙂 

Long story short, perhaps it does not really matter what kind of inspiration hits me. The things that inspire me often have to do with childhood, personal interests, beauty, arts and crafts. It does not really matter what is on my inspiration list, there is a bigger mechanism at work: I am surprised by joy. Now perhaps that sounds like some kind of slogan to you. It actually is: Surprised by Joy is the title of a new series of sermons in my church. I have no idea really what it is going to be about but I like the idea. I recognise it: all the sudden being surprised by having such joy about something that unexpected that made its way to my everyday life. All what I experience as inspiration makes me experience something else: the beauty of what the world is and what it could be. The childlike joy about endless possibilities and potential. These surprises are definitely some of the favourite things I have found in life :).


2 thoughts on “Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration :)

  1. karlanvdlustgraaf says:

    “Don’t you think these sheep are brilliant?” Hahahahaha
    Die kuikentjes in the gutter zijn schattig. Zulk onschuldig nieuw leven, naast allerlei rotzooi in de goot. Het maakte ze niet uit, als ze maar samen zitten.
    Ik houd ook van inspiratie en de vaak daarbij horende obsessie. Het gebeurt me niet zo vaak, maar als het gebeurt is het inderdaad net alsof je weer even kind bent. Alles is nieuw and exciting. Het is een soort ontdekking die je doet, over een deel van het leven waar je voorheen overheen hebt gekeken, of gewoon nog nooit hebt opgemerkt. Ik had dat een beetje met een zeezeiltocht die ik laatst heb gemaakt. Zeilen op zo’n grote boot is echt een machtig gevoel.

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    • annelenalj says:

      🙂 super leuk om je comment te lezen 🙂 jaa.. haha ik kwam die eendjes pas tegen in het park.. letterlijk opgroeien in de goot.. maar daar kun je dan wel weer een fantastisch verhaal van maken 🙂 tof dat je het gevoel herkent. .. 🙂


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