epic evidence

Here some of my favourite memories: over two years ago but the amount of photos that are taken 360 degrees from where I was sitting on a Sunday morning, around six in the morning 🙂

Memories are …. I try to find a word that both says interesting (but without the boring connotation) wonderful (with all the mystery involved) beautiful (without the sentimental connotation) powerful (without the heaviness of that). When I think about it, there are two Dutch words that come to mind ongrijpbaar and onvoorspelbaar. The thing is that memories are often not in the foreground of our minds. Most of the time we do not remember what we ate yesterday or which year we were last in Paris (ok maybe that’s just me never remembering ordinary things or years). But you get the point, having all our memories on the foreground of  our mind all the time would be impossible- we’d suffer a system overload.

All the words I just wrote down to try to express my thoughts about what memories do or don’t do, actually was triggered by a memory. Triggers. things that all the sudden help you make connections to your past, present, future, behaviour, whatever. I think the majorities of our memories only come into our present day because they are triggered. They are triggered by a song you hear, a (uncanny) feeling of that you have been or seen something/somewhere before. Just the same reading back something you have written years ago, or photos you took a long time ago can bring you back to a place or a feeling.

I called this blogpost epic evidence. A friend of mine reminded me of a very ‘epic’ memories of mine. One of the best parties I ever have been to. I have so many great memories from this time.. In the morning after the party, that was actually some kind of mini festival, I took some photo’s. Here memories play a different role..  I always love walking around the city, or around a place where something has happened, memories were made. I am one of the strange people that looooooooovee to leave all the mess of a party and wake up to it in the morning. It is kind of like the room/city/place has a hangover then. and the only thing you have to do to feel useful that day is clean up the mess. In one of my previous blogs I wrote how so much of our (online) world is stylized and there is little mystery and surprise. Guess what. Mess is (according to myself) the best ways of ‘breaking of the rules’. Interestingly enough, there is (stylised) beauty in everything, as long as you look at it the ‘right’ way. ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ or in this case, on the images the camera took.




2 thoughts on “epic evidence

  1. karlanvdlustgraaf says:

    “Beautiful (without the sentimental….)” Hoe bedoel je zonder sentiment? Als er iets sentimenteel is dan vind ik dat wel herinneringen, het verleden. Het verleden is bekend en daardoor veilig en vertrouwd. Terwijl het toentertijd niet zo aanvoelde, en dat kan soms zo bedrieglijk zijn.
    Maar het kan ook heerlijk zijn om een goede herinnering weer even te bezoeken, vooral als het eentje is waar je al lang niet meer aan hebt gedacht. Als ik aan een hangover van een party denk, dan denk ik aan dat ik met Marleen en jou in jullie keuken zit en praat over jongens en het geloof, terwijl jullie me allerlei voedsel aanbieden van wat nog over is 🙂

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  2. annelenalj says:

    jij schrijft mooi! de reden waarom ik niet ‘sentimenteel’ had geschreven is dat het soms makkelijk is om te zeggen ‘oh, dat was zo mooi’ en dan word het soort van onrealistische of vermooiing van de werkelijkeheid? en tuurlijk hoort dat er ook bij.. maar niet altijd..


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