All The Sad Songs


Some of my favourite memories or moments in the list of memorable nights revolve around music, more specific the sharing of music. Being with a group of people, family or friends and sharing the songs you really love. I find it very interesting to hear what kind of music other people listen to and sharing what I listen to myself, because it usually ends up with very interesting observations about either. Once we had to make some kind of art project with a song for CKV “cultural art education’ in high school. I suggested that we would use a song from one of my favourite artists Aaron Sprinkle, because it was such an upbeat and fun song. I shared the lyrics with my friends and they were like: but that is actually REALLY SAD! Me: Really?! not if you hear the music..


All the rainbows are black and white and I’m color blind And I don’t see nothing any more (notice black and white rainbows and no eyes XD)

On another occasion I shared with my Dutch teacher that I really liked this one band for their lyrics. I quoted a song: “Like that girl breaks a heart, is like a work of art, and this is the worst part: she knows it.” She smiled at me and said I liked irony. I asked her: What  is irony? (yup, at age 14 I did not really know what it was, and I still wonder sometime). But it was one of these eye opening moments: like wow, irony is actually something I like. I posted a Aaron Sprinkle song on my Facebook wall a few weeks ago, loving it so much, and my mum listened to it an she was like: but it is SO SAD. And I was like: I like that it is so sad because I dunno, I like it when tragedy is turned into beauty.

I think that there the key lies. I love it when tragedy is turned in to beauty. When you look back and are like: wow, this is really depressing but also really funny and beautiful. The reason I was writing this post is because I listened to ‘People Should Smile More’ From Newton Faulkner. He is actually one of the artists I listened to for years before I realised that his songs are actually not at all as upbeat as the music suggests. Here are a few lines from ‘People should smile more’

I can’t change the world
‘Cause trying to make a difference
Makes it worse
It’s just an observation
I can’t ignore
But people should smile more

I love that it is not some kind of: if we all stand together we can change the world for the better, no it’s  I can’t change the world. Full stop. And yet it goes on. Trying to make a difference makes it worse (take that world changers). Then something that I have to say my realistic or pessimistic heart agrees upon: ‘It’s just an observation I can’t ignore’. I think the reason I don’t do especially well with all the super hopeful ‘change the world songs’ (does anyone?!) is because they are little realistic. I am certainly a hopeful person but I’m not ignorant about the worlds tragedies and that we often cause these for trivial reasons. However, as a ‘happy child’ (as an aunt of my dad’s once called me as a 3 year old), I looooooooove to smile and rejoice in things. So definitely, people should smile more and for me sad and ironic songs are a great source of joy: Don’t deny the suffering of all and cry about it sometimes, but it is wonderful to smile about it. Poetry gives great opportunity for smiling about tragedy. Below I’ll share one of my favourite ‘dark’ songs (first few lines it ends in something a little lighter). Knowing this song in combination with the music makes me just very very happy. It’s very dark but it is also very funny and beautiful.

You climbed to the top you never would stop
To look at the bodies you left on the floor
With knives in their backs you made your attack
And now you’re thirsting for more
But someone is gonna have to pay
Bleach- To the top

I decided to add super old drawings from myself as an interpretation of the song colorblind, when I look at them I have to smile so loud 🙂 (yes, that’s an expression I made up and I love it :)). Even though I thought the song was upbeat and happy (perhaps that was even the assignment XD), actually the first few lines as interpreted below might suggest otherwise:

On a good day
You break my heart again
On the highway
You run me over when
You are leaving me and taking everything
Aaron Sprinkle – Colorblind


On a good day you break my heart again, on the highway you rund me over when you are leaving me and taking everyting (Alles = everyting, expres=attempt to write express, as in fast moving vehicle moving everyting)




5 thoughts on “All The Sad Songs

  1. karlanvdlustgraaf says:

    Toen ik de relient k lyrics zag dacht ik: Huh, dat is niet hoe ik het zing? Het is ‘the way that girl can break a heart’ xD Not that it matters.
    It’s a nice idea, tragedy turning into beauty. Sounds like a good way to stay sane or mentally healthy in this world.

    Liked by 1 person

    • annelenalj says:

      haha bijna alle lyrics had ik op gezocht op een lyrics site, deze niet ahwell, dit is hoe ik hem hoor en hoe ik em leuk vind.. volgens de lyrics website is de newton faulkner text ook ‘that people could smile more.. beauty is in the ear of the beholder 🙂


  2. Dirk de Groot says:

    Ironie veroorzaakt inderdaad nogal eens misverstanden…..maar dat is geen reden er afscheid van te nemen en des te meer reden het te blijven hanteren. Al was het maar om op een zachte manier de harde waarheid te kunnen zeggen zonder extra te kwetsen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • annelenalj says:

      mooi sneedig commentaar 🙂 . Ironische poëzie en sinterklaas gedichten. Ik zou zeggen niet eens om niet te kwetsen, maar als een soort galgen humor.. ja, het doet pijn maar is ook eigenlijk wel heel geestig..


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