You find the answer and then..

dsc01416So I read this article somewhere on a random-ish website listing the words most  wrongly used in the English language. However, that’s not why I was so interested in it, or why I mention it here. It stated that there is no such thing as official English, not like there is for Dutch- ‘the green book’ that lists the spelling of words. Perhaps that is why I like English so much. You have British English, American English, African English, Australian English. All kinds. You also have Dutch English, also lovingly called Dunglish. One of the national newspapers wrote about the changing of most bachelor and master’s degrees to English and how some teachers are not exactly prepared. It was titled: it can put you on the wrong foot, after the Dutch expression ‘het kan je op het verkeerde been brengen),which means something like that it can lead you on the wrong track.


The title to this post comes from ‘live your song’ a ted talk by Jon Foreman.. He talks about how life is an every changing symphony played in the tension. It’s funny how at one point you can be completely at ease with the world and yourself and blessed by all that seems to be given to you so freely, and then, something happens, or nothing, and anxiety takes over. Or the whispering voice in the back of your mind: all is going so well, it won’t last for long.. the suspicion that the sun can’t shine for too long, it has to go under.. and yet again when it goes under it sometimes seems like it will never come up again. It is funny how our minds bodies and heart so often are reluctant to trust the rhythm of life.


It was perhaps nicely illustrated with something what happened yesterday. I went dancing again 🙂 since I was following a beginners workshop each round you learn one movement, and you practice it with the next one in line, moving around in a circle.. I’m not sure how much time you get to practice, but what I do know… I was dancing with this guy and honestly it went quite great, sometimes it takes a lot of time to find the same rhythm, however, this was not a problem.. Still, the dance part that we had to practice was very basic.. and the song was soooo long.. At some point it went completely ridiculous: I laughed and exclaimed: “the song is too long, we need some variation..” It is funny to see how sometimes complex things are way easier to react to then the continuing of repeating movements..


‘What happens next’ is sometimes a question out of boredom, sometimes from blind panic. And then wat? You find the answer.. and then time goes on, the rhythm continues. We sometimes spent so much time searching for answers to find they lead to yet other questions. This is the definition of movement and rhythm. Sometimes the answers just make no sense because language is ever changing and meaning is easily lost. That’s when I find rest and space in poetry: ‘Trust in what you know,  don’t let yourself be put on the wrong foot and follow the lead.’


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