Document of quietness (part 2)


Great work on one of the bridges crossing the Seine


So I was in Paris.. + this is the second part of what I wrote there.

… I feel immersed in a city half asleep even though movement takes place. I am quiet in the awe of possibility and lack of pressure. I am quiet  trough the sitting and writing, in this in between place. The hostel room shared with eleven other women of which some have left, some are half awake like I am, and others perhaps still fully immersed in the realm of dreams.

In a way I too am immersed in the realm of dreams. This city has been in my hopes, wishes and dreams for some time. Places I want to go and things I want to find. Now I am here again after a long time of dreaming and wandering by mind, there is no rush. I am surprised by how this quiet that is so raised and fuelled by purpose, possibility and surprising new connections in the last couple of days contrasts with the online world that I took from Amsterdam to Paris.


Street art on another bridge in Paris.

It feel so clear that everything has changed yet I see no prove except for the new friendship requests and bank statements that tell me that I have already spend 120 euro in the days that I am here on a partially free trip. The quiet that I now feel is a clear choice: everything is possible in the limits of time. Between 8 and 9 all I want to do is be semi-alone in a room shared with 11 strangers writing, contemplating on the quietness of life. And of course I think about transferring all of the words that were so quietly spun from mind unto paper to the digital world where I can post this document of quietness on Lieverleesje.


Document of quietness

So here I am. Paris.

The same hostel, the same room, the same month as two years ago. It`s grey outside, cold and though i am sitting at the  window and it is light outside it does not seem to make a lot of difference inside.

i am quiet. indeed i do not speak to a soul except for my own or this paper but rather, or moreover, i feel immersed in the quietness of a city half asleep. -more will be posted when i’m back. due to the limits of acient tablet technology


ugh move

movement takes

The beauty I some times find

So as you know I sometimes write things. And then I read them back and digitize them.

I found another little pearl and as I listen to the beautiful original christmas song ‘snow’ from Sleeping at Last (yes i do listen to christmas songs in october, in fact, all year round) I share it with you.

I’d like to know

to write a song

That makes us all loving and strong

Without fear,



‘christmas at the theatre balcony’