It’s been 20 days


Ironwire and shadow craft 🙂 

So apparently it’s been 20 days that I have last written something on this blog, luckily I don’t have so many readers that I strongly disappoint them if I don’t write. Funny though, after a few months of having this blog I want to revisit the first post, or moreover, the ideas that I had when I called this space Lieverleesje. My association: Something sweet, some space of my own, some place where I can share some of the things that I think you should rather read then just my writing. The thing is: the blogs I love and follow for years now are all craft related, and it is not unlikely that you are not so into that. But touches again what I wanted to use this space for: to share my inspiration and what I love. I love blogs such as Knitted Bliss, One Sheepish Girl, and A Common Thread. Hehe. When you check out the links you’ll find that Knitted bliss is updated a lot! but both One Sheepish Girl and A Common Thread haven’t been updated in almost or over a year.. Why do I do share them? Because they are threads in my life. They are writers and crafters who inspired me to make things and now as well to write.


Paper cutting, one of the skills i do not yet fully master. 

I like for this place to be an inspiration an inspiration as the blog of Karen BarbĂ©,  a textile designer who makes beautiful pictures and even more interesting embroideries, weavings, ‘documents of thoughts, crossed stitched through layers and levels of meaning’. (I love how I’ve crafted that sentence, it is how I would want my work to be seen, it’s how I like my life to be seen) My hate/love relationship with crafting and designing is based on the fact that I find it hard to wait until an idea is fully formed, I want to make it, and I learn a lot of my impatience: I learn techniques, what works, and what doesn’t, what I love and what not. Haha and then what? What do I do with an object that is the result of haste and a vague starting point and has an unsatisfactory ending? I wear it. I wear  things  that are ‘there’. It’s almost as the Christian description of the kingdom of heaven: it is now and not yet. The designs I thought of are there, but they are not yet completed, not yet refined. That ever stretching undefined possibility of improvement inspires me and keeps me going.. It is a journey that is marked by a lot of trials errors and Ufo’s (un finished objects) But it’s so much fun..


A too small Skirt with very messy embroidery

So how does this relate to what I was saying in the beginning? This blog? This blog in a way is like most of my projects, now and not yet. It’s not great, it’s not fully thought through and there are some things I’d rather see different, that don’t fully fit in my ideal vision of what I thought of. But I wear it, and feel slightly award about it. I’ll hope I go as far as the way I wear knits or dresses and discuss them, I say how I made them, the journey I took. I would love to have some designs refined and worked out, but perhaps for now the ‘not there yet’ is my signature style.

The images in this post are all attempts at doing something, they are not perfect, but they are beautiful to me, they are steps towards the thing that only will be completed when it’s stopped. my life’s work. my messy journey with material and creativity.


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