if you don’t write it..

On an evening like this, when i was tempted to leave my house in the chaotic state it was in, close my eyes and sleep and forget what it looked like for the night I was called to wait so I used the time wisely (for a change) and i cleared some of the mess (like moving my clean laundry from the laundry bag to a chair, very mature and homey) and I think a little bit of life. I listen to museic i havent for a while. It is strange if you look back you see the little changes in life. you still have the same objects around you, though some have been replaced and some have been added, others thrown out. You might have the same occupation, friends, hobbies, or things have changed, different people, different goals and activities. however wherever you go, there you are, a new version of yourself. a little older. Wiser? who is to say? Some dreams have come to reality, others have faded in the light of different greater or worse things. And all of this I am tempted to share all these thoughts and feelings. Yet i am also concerned a little bit about the digital word, where it means that when something is free you are not the client but the product. When upportunities to do all kinds of things mean that money is not enough: you have to sell your identity to reach the places you want to go. It makes me doubt about writing on a platform like this. It inspires me to think of a quote that inspired the title of this post:

“If you don’t write it, they can’t read it”


I have no idea why i made this. vaguely remember it. I post it so you can see. And great art can see the world.. 

Who are they? The people on the internet. The people in the future. Myself. Random people who stumble across some scribblings on a blog. I think is privacy is a greatly important thing. as is freedom of speech, even more, the freedom to not burden your concience by doing something against your believes. For now my concience is more unburdened by writing than that it is burdened by it. So I guess I will post this one. comforting myself with the thought that no one except the algoritmes will read this one. And perhaps some people. May they be inspired and blessed by the words i managed to get unto the blog tonight.



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