The mys/history of blogging

I have been thinking of this blog, I did not really know how long I had not written. I didn’t even know for sure if I did or did not post my last idea: if you don’t write it they can’t read it. ha-ha , after a month or more of neglecting (too lazy to check) it has 6 views despite not being featured on Facebook by me as the place I usually get my clicks from.

So why write now? It was my birthday the other day, and my Russian friend send me a link to a YouTube video that I have viewed many times before. It is from the stop motion series where my recognition of the Russian language comes from. To be clear, I do not understand Russian, don’t read and speak it. However, 4,5 years ago I did follow a course on the culture and history of Russia, and that’s what I know the series from. Coincidently it is the reason why I have this blog, or why I found out about blogging, and it’s the course that I registered my WordPress profile for: every week we had to write about something related to our classes, and it was a lot of fun. One time I wrote about ‘Cheburashka!‘  and that is the series that the YouTube video of a birthday song was from.

What does this have to do with the mystery or history of blogging? Or rather  my history of blogging? I read back what I wrote and thought: this is not bad at all; I love the sentences I made and the content of the post. I wrote several blogs for this course that I was very proud of yet, some of them are very popular, and others have almost never  been read. And there comes the mystery. Why do some post do have a lot of visits even after years while others are way less popular? It is probably because the link to them ended up somewhere, I guess. I have decided to revisit the posts, and translate them to English (mostly because then I can share them with my non-Dutch friends (whether they’ll be read or not). These blogpost are part of what I ‘created in this world’ and I’m proud of them. Reading them back gives me a sense of accomplishment. They’re probably not perfect, but they are great mini research finds. And I hope they inspire others to discover the rich world of (Russian) culture.

Who knows, they might get read a lot. Or not at all, I don’t mind either way, I like it as a petit project.


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