Talk to your friends


The only simbolicly appropriate photo that i have to represent talking to friends without them possible to being identified. 

Friends are incredible. hehe, family to. People really. I love people. Aside from loving people I love talking. Yes, I don’t even say talking to people. Having a conversation with people. Being wired the way I am I can really enjoy hearing myself speak. This is of course a completely socially unacceptable thing but I feel  it’s true. Why is it true? Because I love the creative things that come out of my mind through my mouth sometimes. Words are beautiful, and since I talk before thinking I’m often pleasantly surprised. I’m doubting now, while ‘talking’ out loud right now, whether or not I should address the fact that sometimes I’m also surprised by what I say, just not really pleased. I firmly believe it is good to sometimes say the things that apparently are in your heart and mind and that you want to say when in a certain emotion. That is, if you are willing to review and learn from some of the things you said and change your heart so you won’t  blurt out the same hurting or terrible thing the next time you open up to yourself or someone else. It’s pretty much like the ‘shitty first draft’ that Brene Brown introduced in her book about ‘when you get out there you will fail and fall and this is how to get back up’.


The love that light and the edge of a tire bend in to shape can create. 

But this post is not necessarily a feast on why I love to hear myself talking so much, or why it is so good. This is a post about conversation, about how 2 people can get places where one person simply can’t. It is incredible the power words and conversations can have. I used to go to this church with this mantra ‘words have power’  as to say that you should be careful with your words, and though I don’t necessarily know if I agree with the theological reasoning behind it, it is an interesting given. I think one of the great things is that indeed words can literally change your life. Or at least help you set a step a step in the right direction. There is immense power for instance in talking positively about something, and I don’t mean the whole ‘be positive its good for you and the people around you’. I mean acknowledging things and giving value to them. Value is a hugely important thing in life, and it influences the way we look to things. We look different to things we value or things we feel are valuable because someone or society told us.

Back to conversation. We (hopefully) all know the ‘endlessly seeming to flow’ conversations that are hilarious or the ones where we stimulate each other to talk and all the sudden it’s 4.00 and the bar closes or we really should go to sleep. I think the magical thing about it is that you actually move time forward with your words or so it seems. And then talking with friends, by telling something yourself and allowing another to also talk, whether it is because you feel self-conscious about sharing so much yourself, or because you are really interested, something is build. I really like that when  you look at certain text or situations you see a common theme that even though when you focus on details sometimes it clearly gives a accumulation, a sum that is more than the parts. For instance in one of the bible books a lot of practices in faith and community and theology are discussed but the main refrain is ‘do this to build up the community’. There is something SO holy about building something. ‘Holy’ means beyond, from God, ultimate, good.

and so. Talk to a friend. I think a relationship is truly wonderful when either of you are wheels, and the wheels support each other, help each other move, and set other things in motion. So far my philosophical reflection for the day. hope you are inspired to review your own conversations, your words, and see where you build something!


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