Things can change

blog bird post 6

So after putting some poetry up here, I want to write something else again, something different, something like I’ve written before. I love conceptual thinking. I love taking things apart and moving them around in my mind. Today I’m writing for my thesis. My field now is the very practical field of Conservation and Restauration of objects. Practical, way more practical than the field of philosophy or art history. Thankfully though -we’re related. Or in my case today, not so thankfully. One could argue I’m kind of upset and frustrated or, since I’m ‘ticking’ on the different letters on my keyboards, I’m inspired. I’m reading an article about replicas and museums. Fakes. The fact whether or not something is original or not. A quote:

[A]ll works of art are types which are identified by their physical
properties and the history of their production…there need be no
actual or potential perceptual difference between two paintings
for them to be different works; they need only have different
histories.- Mark Rowe, ‘The Problem of Perfect Fakes

Truth is I really quite like that quote, it is indeed something we find in conservation: particular circumstances create particular damages. Also: an object is more than it’s physical properties rather it is a web of values. So far I was quietly inspired. But then I read on and the discussion of ‘why don’t we display things in their original context’ came up. And I started to be outrageously inspired. Read: frustrated saying unto myself- why can’t things change? Why do we have to write down all the reasons why things are and should stay a certain way, and why they should go back to how they were or understood differently. Why can’t things change? I think change is a wonderful thing. Transformation, evolution even. Throughout the making and meaning of things change and they move on, and I am very much for embracing this change.

So how does this frustration relate to my love for conceptual thinking and taking things apart? It is true that indeed the writers and speakers that are so much hammering on concepts and meaning and true or lack of understanding use the same methods as I do. However, there is according to me (of course XD), a difference: the reason why I like to deconstruct, to move and manipulate the things I hear and see in my mind, is to add value, add frivolity and not to restrict to remove or to reduce. I usually really hate these three R’s that limit the beauty in this world. However, luckily everything can change: Ristriction, removal and reducing can lead to new problems that need new solutions, and this can be a birthing ground for creativity 🙂


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