No Questions Asked.

I cycled through the city tonight, as you do after a party. And as I do – I look around and see the memories I made in certain streets, certain buildings and where I know people. Tonight, this reminded me of an eventful evening where I met up with a friend and we ended up eating at a -to me- strangers house and later on my rooftop. And there, after the dinner with people I did not know before, and he barely, I asked him: So what did you think about it? And I remember his answer quite well but it does not matter for my story. What matters is that I was quite surprised about the answer he gave. Not entirely because I saw some of the clues in his behavior before, but still. The thing is what he shared he probably would not have shared if I had not asked this question. This reminded me again of the party I just went to- and the things you talk about at birthdays. And all the things that you do not talk about at birthdays.


Amsterdam by night


So many questions are not asked. I wonder how much we miss because of this. How much we lose, how much is hurt, or stowed away. Because there were no questions asked. When I was young I once decided that I hated people who asked questions, because they had the strength to make you tell things you did not want to tell. Questions are powerful. Let’s use them for good.


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