All the things I could always tell but never share.

DSC01868Today on the blog.

I feel things.

Like everyone feels things.

I want to write things.

I want to tell things, like everyone wants to be listenend to at some point.

But perhaps mostly we just don’t want to be alone.

It is strange the things of the heart.

They seem easier to share with the world wide web than the person you want to share them with. But what happens if perhaps the people you want to keep these feelings from can read what you write? It makes that the big world wide web is also no longer safe. The spider has gotten to me.

So far for gloomy friday. I’m sure there will be happier times. Right now I’m just staying in the cocoon that was wrapped around me. Either I get eaten, or I’ll grow wings and fly, feed off the beauty of this world once again.


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