Hurt. :)

So! after the last post, I prommissed to write something more cheerfull than: the worldwideweb is no longer safe and the spider has gotten to me. I was listening to a song just now ‘almost lover‘ it is more popular these days since the singer played ‘queeny’ in fantastic beasts and where to find them. And it is also very popular because it is (also to me) one of the most fantastic dipictions and descriptions of heartache. So 90% of the comments to the song refer to the commenters own heartache. Except ofcourse the comments by the users that confess that they are simply there because they love sad songs. Not unlike how I wrote about sad songs before.

So how is this a cheerful post? I just or infact currently am listening to Johnny Cash’s Hurt. The nine inch nails cover is a beautiful tribute to the strugles in life. And honestly. That’s what the smiley in the title is about. The music is so beautiful that acutally the music when cash sings : what have i become, my sweetest friend, everyone i know goes away in the end sounds like the sun is coming out. It makes me happy to listen to it.

Perhaps this all makes me sound a little crazy. Here’s to being vulnerable 🙂


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