Still I call it magic.

I’m listening to Coldplay. Obviously. I found out that having a comination of ‘Magic’ and ‘O’ on repeat helps me relax, forget the music when I need that, and hear it when I need it as well. Yesterday was a beautiful day. I was staying with a friend in a part of Amsterdam that I lived in 4 years ago, and so it brings a lot of memories. The place and the buildings I lived in do not exist anymore, the area is under constant developement. Yesterday I had a wonderful uppertunity trough my own stupidity to enjoy this area again. So what happend: for some reason both me and my friend lost our bikes so we both had to walk to central station for I’d say 30 minutes- there, I found out that I forgot my phone. I came up with the plan to walk home again, pick up the phone and bring her keys back to her. So I did, but not before I took a lot of pictures (91) on the way there. Little details of the road, like I used to do. Talking to a stranger about the change in the area and the prices of the houses, the places where we both had lived. It was wonderfull to do this walk that I did so many times. The area is now messy and underconstruction, but it is very special to me, not in the least because it is very near the water. Everything changed, still i call it magic! (below some photo’s ‘before’ and after).



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