All the loose ends.


The chaos that your mind sometimes looks like. 

The other day I was reading ‘the idiot brain’ (what your brain is really up to) about the ways your brain works. Apparently, you can only store four ‘items’ in your short-term memory, that actually means that it can be the case that really too much is going on, to fit thoughts in your brain. The literal version of “I cannot think right now”. Some days I feel like I can do anything, other days I’m struggling to get anything done. One of the main reasons why I cannot start anything is for the reason that there are so many lose ends. Way more than 4 items are on my to-do, or rather worry-list. Since they are more than 4 it is not that they are constantly on my mind, but they pop up often enough to not get something done.

In these moments, I seek for something that can be started and finished in one go. Writing a blogpost is one of them. I just pluck some thoughts from my mind and put them in a bouquet, happy with the result that doesn’t take weeks and months to get there like with writing a thesis. As a bonus, it makes me feel useful and constructive. The exact mindset that I need to finally go work on the wonders of academic research and writing.

As a bonus for all of you who hoped to read something significant today- here some tested great Netflix procrastination series:

Dear white people- Beautiful, real and stereotypical, for fun and to understand your place in society better.

Girlboss- A little bit crazy, a little bit over romanticized and a little bit relatable, interesting to flirt with everything that is possible in this online world, and then just to retreat yourself from it by just watching netflix.

Las Chicas del cables- Great for learning/remembering some Spanish, here we have beautiful woman in 20s fashions, in a time when being a woman did mean that you were weak, if only just legally speaking. Great and beautiful spectacle.

The good thing: all these only have 1 season, so they only take about 1,5 day of your precious time :).

Good luck with whatever you were supposed to do instead of reading this blogpost!


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