Parallel Stories

I love stories. Stories and images, the two things I can really remember well. Names and numbers? Not so much. I just started reading ‘The mortal instruments Book two. Now I thought I had read book one, but I’m not so sure I remember all the all the stories and what happened ad what didn’t. One of the reasons why is because I have been watching the Shadowhunters tv series, thing is, that both helps and doesn’t. Similar themes play a role, yet the timeline is completly messed up when you compare them. One way or another, the same characters are there and so it is kind of like a dream: you know this place is a place you know although it looks nothing like it. You know who someone is , even though they don’t look like the person. The difference between the book and movie in general is often discussed. There always seems to be a group that is upset that things are not exactly like they were on paper when seen on the screen. I’m not one of these people, I love paralel stories. A story is such a gentle thing, you have to move it subtlety and you cannot fit everything that could possibly happen in there in. For that reason i love different versions of stories, they tell the same but differently allowing the story to reach it’s full potential. I think that’s what storytelling, art history, faith and life is. retellig the same story finding true meaning and endless possibility.


The dragons are here to take over!


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