Growing on apart – together



I don’t like cats. But because my friend likes cats and pink, this picture was taken. 


‘Growing on’ is not really a well known expression. When thinking of the title Iwas doubting between growing up and moving on. Yet, growing up has a lot of connotation to childhood, and though my argument for today has as well, I thought it to be too narrow of an expression. In another way, moving on sounded quite loaded to me- often when we are talking about moving on, we talk about moving beyond something negative. What I want to talk about today is about growing beyond something, and for that reason I choose the words growing on. This brings be to the second part of the title apart- together. Recently I connected with several ‘old friends’ from different parts of my life. For an afternoon or even a weekend I connected to people I do not connect to on a daily basis. We, in a way grew apart- no longer in the same classes or school, towns and cities have seperate places where we grow. Yet, all stuck in time we moved on, developing ourselves along the way.



Photographs are like old friends- you forget what happens but regognise yourself again. 


It always marveles me how little we change. To say it with the great words of the poets of coldplay ‘We Never Change, Do We?’. At the same time, we do grow on. In their video about ‘old friends‘ The School of Life suggest that even though we might not truly be friends with our old friends any more, or wouldn’t be again, we can still benefit of our contact with them because they remind us about previous versions of ourselves. Although intresting and relatable, I found the last few encounters with old friends, and one in the years before much more valuable and hopeful. Moving on and developing our intrests, skills and experiences I now had more in common with these people than before. It strikes me as truly marvelous that despite not having spend time with people that much, the reasons of connection turn out to be more eleborate than previously expected. Appearantly we intuitively connect to like-minded people, so that when we grow although we are apart, we grow towards the same direction.



Stuff are like old friends- although you lose and add some, move to a new house, they stay familiar. 



2 thoughts on “Growing on apart – together

  1. karlanvdlustgraaf says:

    Ja, die laatste zin inderdaad! Dat denk ik ook wel eens, dat je als kind/tiener niet kon weten dat iemand anders ook die andere diepere laag had, maar dat je je toch vriendschappelijk aangetrokken voelde tot diegene.
    Bij growing on moet ik denken aan de uitdrukking ‘you’re growing on me’, zo van: ik vond je eerst niet zo leuk, maar langzamerhand nu wel.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. annelenalj says:

    ja! super goed! inderdaad het growing on me, dat heeft ook wel wat! haha Ik ken mensen die eerst mij super iritant vonden en nu vrienden zijn 🙂 Ik ben natuurlijk ook super irritant 😛 en een goede vriend 🙂


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