One hundred published drafts

Matching curtains

Collage of curtains

Since I woke up from the rain and the wind, and haven’t been able to get back to sleep for 3 hours I thought I might as well turn my computer on. It is strange how you can feel at least half wide awake at night, yet knowing that you’ll feel really tired and will sleep before the day can start. lying awake at night I always make big plans for the new day or dream about everything that could be in my life. And of course, i slowly dissect what I just dreamt and what actually happened before I went to sleep- like my first episode of shameless. Not sure what to think of it yet. 🙂 Speaking of sleeping, one of my good friends just had a baby, and that is a constant routine of sleeping, feeding and repeating. I remember my grandmother saying that newborns sometimes sleep 20 hours a day, crazy things. I wonder if when they are awake it feels to them as being awake in the middle of the night feels to me.


VOEL-FEEL (& more curtains)

While I ponder the life questions of the night: shall I get out for a glass of water or ice cream (the answer is yes: ice-cream tastes magical in the middle of the night), I roam the back side of WordPress. Apparently, over the course of a few years, I published 99 posts on the blog, making this the 100th. Looking through all I’ve written I can hardly believe they are really so many, but apparently, I underestimate myself ;). In a way, all the post, like the photos or combination of the photos in this post are not perfect, hardly well curated. Yet they for me represent life and how there can be many un-matching beauties side by side.


The posts I wrote contain traces of the life that happened in between. Although I am hardly ever spesific on the blog about things happening in my life, what I write always brings me back a little bit to the time I wrote it. The end of the year and the beginning of a new one always is a time to reflect. I must say it always seems hard to truly remember specifics or rather feelings felt throughout the year, but the blog helps. I am thankful that I have been able to put some of my writing out there in the universe of creative minds and random thoughts. To top it all off, I performed some of my poems for the first time on New Year’s Eve. In the comfort of my own home but with a mic, a sound system and an audience of partly strangers. Who would have known? They even laughed at my musings when appropriate. What I shared that night hasn’t made it to the blog yet, and that leaves promises for the next 100 posts. There will most definitely be more to come to Lieverleesje.


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