Wobbly Words


When words fail I’ll try something else. Drawings. Numbers. Art.

The words come out wobbly

I try many different ones

different sentences, and half

way through

I stop

and start


it is incredible

how inadequate, my mumblings

are to capture the thoughts

and memories I tried to share.

and you- blank there on the spot

from many different faces -ask

‘What on earth are you getting at?

Your words make no sense.’


I see myself -as a miswritten letter

crumbling together, and just as well

the sigh of a small child, thinking

never will I get it right, and at the same

time, brave enough to say:

why are you scolding me,

I only have words.

And shy enough, and loved enough

to hide for a little while but then

Try again.

As that shy, brave, thinking, crumbeling

loved child I need another, let me sit

together for sometime, and then being

taught, about what I thought, in other words

‘That is what you meant right?’


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