Hijack my feelings

Won’t you just go on,

Hijack my feelings

my thoughts and ideas

if I am soluble enough to


Walking on your own.

share them.

I don’t want to fight

over what you think

that might be different

than what I feel


and oh here I am again-

I didn’t need you to tell me right

from wrong I was just curious

And oh here I am again-

I did not stop you from talking

but I don’t appreciate you walking

all over me again.


In the small space between

not the time or the place

I find myself back on track knowing

who I am once again.


And in the small space between

stepping out and rushing in

I can hear my thoughts

once again.


2 thoughts on “Hijack my feelings

    • annelenalj says:

      Thanks 🙂 It’s always nice when uncomfortable situations or inconsiderate people can actually help to come back to yourself. 🙂


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