In the end- I was never

To be on your deathbed

and say: I never needed


Despite the fact we created this, don’t you see that it is more than it could ever be if only our hands worked on it.

anyone. All I brought

into the world was my own

my hands, my feet,

my lungs my voice and

for all my parents gave me

I have repaid them.


I never received something

that was not my right to have

I worked hard and no charity

was ever bestowed upon me

Every friend knew what he

could and could not expect

and did honest business with me.


I have always been strong and

carried my own load

and when I was weak,

I never had anyone carry me

I was never greedy,

I was never taken advantage of

I always looked out for me.

I was never – Loved


received gifts beyond measure

I was never trusted

despite that it was unclear

If I was trustworthy

I never knew

What it is to have nothing,

be nothing,

And mean something


than the beginning

of a success story



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