It goes so fast- New year

So apparently, today is the last day of winter and the beginning of spring is also the beginning of the Persian New year- these are the things that you learn when you are on the Mezrab Mailing list. It’s funny though because in fact, I thought that perhaps the writer of the email had messed up. The thing is I can’t believe that we already more than 2,5 months into the new year. I feel like I just started. Sure, 1001 things happened since the start of the new year, but it was such a good start that it feels like it is just a little while ago. The fact that I lost track of time was also awkwardly made clear when I was home for my dad’s birthday, and the whole looks all different- turns out that it has been that way since after Christmas, the last time that I was there. It was not as if I hadn’t seen or spoke to my parents in that long but still. The time goes so fast.

And yet,  the sun that is fighting the last cold of winter and announces the start of spring makes me feel like the new year. Same as the beautiful new things that are being born and the babies I know that are slowly growing. There are good things, beautiful things, new things coming. And as you do in new years you also celebrate the old. One of my greatest loves in life are little lambs. We had many of them. Now for a change, the photo that you see is not taken by me. But this was one of my little lambs.


The best picture.


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