The dogma of the never lost things.

I would always be held accountable,


Diamonds on fine dirt

for something I had lost

‘Nothing can just disappear’

a phrase that made that losing anything


like one and one is two,

two minus one was still two you

just had to search harder,

trace your steps,

draw maps out of your unconscious


nothing could be lost,


Six I found as nine

only misplaced, and leaving it

there to rest or to be found

by someone else was unacceptable.

you had to act now, no matter the cost.  


It was cruel to live in a hemisphere, like that

with a talent for losing anything,

to have the most impeccable disappearance act

where even the master doesn’t know what happened

It is strange, loving finding things, when

you are told that all that seems misplaced is

just waiting to be found back by the rightful owner.


And so. although the lessons were not easy

and often made me feel desperate.

I embraced the doctrine as part of my own path.


Crown of cardboard beauty

Nothing can truly be lost.

everything can be found back.

and since I’m lazy and patient.

I will use the time when things are lost

not to search but to wander, and wonder

and marvel at all the beautiful things that

are left by many, never displacing them.

Simply capturing them by camera,

and giving them a special place in my heart.



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