Something new- Bike seat cover Tutorial


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So today I’m trying something new, I’m alone at the house today so I can make as much mess as I want, so I decided to do a project that I’ve been thinking about for some time, and also bought some supplies for some weeks ago. Since it is quite a simple project, in the sense that it takes little time, I thought I could perhaps even try to make a tutorial out of it… There are a few reasons why I wanted to try this- first of all because I love it when other people do make tutorials. In fact, when I first started reading blogs it was because I was reading craft blogs that had wonderful tutorials… I certainly didn’t do every tutorial I ever read but I did make quite some different things. Secondly, I’ve been listening to ‘Elise gets crafty’ a podcast by Elise joy, that makes blogging about creative things seem super do-able. I have always wanted to write about making things, and sometimes I do, but I found out that what I enjoy with writing more than making some kind of project documentation of craft, is just using writing and words as a craft. The third reason for trying to make this tutorial is that I’m currently in a course and a research that asks for practical documentation and I’m bad at that, so I thought I should get some practice by documenting a not study related subject.

So what I’ve been making: I’ve been making a seat cover for my bike- I had one my mum bought me years ago, but it was falling apart so I needed a new one. I bought super cute fabric at ‘A. Boeken’ fabric store, with flowers and flamingos and I already had some ‘laptop cover fabric’- scuba for giving it a bit more body, to compensate for the holes in my bike seat, that made me need the cover in the first place. The fabric with the flamingo is wat resistant, which is important because I don’t want it to be completely soaked when it will have to deal with a few drops of rain.

So what will follow are the steps I took, with the pictures of that part of the process- I hope it will inspire you into making your own seat bike cover, or any other project 🙂

  1. Tracing the shape of the top of the seat measuring the outline of the seat to know how big to cut the second part of the pattern, the side.DSC04105
  2. I cut the top and the sides of the cover, cutting the cover twice, once with the flamengo fabric, and once with the scuba.  DSC04112DSC04126
  3. sewing the scuba and the flamengo fabric togetherDSC04139
  4. sewing a tunnel in the side part of the cover wide enough for my elastic to go into it.DSC04145
  5. pinning the sides to the seat and sewing it.DSC04150DSC04151
  6. testing it on the seat                                          DSC04157DSC04161
  7. Adding the elastic to the side
  8. testing again to see how much elastic is needed. DSC04182
  9. Sewing the elastic together on the right size burning the edges of the elastic and the back seam to keep the edges from fraying.

    10. Checking if it works on other shape seats


Any comments on my first tutorial or questions: very welcome!


2 thoughts on “Something new- Bike seat cover Tutorial

    • annelenalj says:

      haha yeah i was thinking the same thing.. so now i still cover it with a plastic bag. haha also so it doesn’t get wet XD


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