Whatever it is.

Lately, there has been, advertisement

saying something like: if you don’t go

to the hardware store for your project

it’s not a project at all, and so I took it

to understand better what it means to

not be codependent- You don’t buy people

in hardware stores, so they are not projects

they cannot be- they are simply people

that’s it.


And I’m slowly trying to put myself back

together, I’m not a project either so rather

then rearranging I’m trying understanding

understanding better who I am, and how

I love and how sometimes even though it

doesn’t feel like it, it has been it is enough


and last night a guy told a story and made

music and ended up saying something like:

pain is more than the pain, it is a force but you

can only use it for good, for creation for

beauty if you are no longer ashamed of it


And so in the wake of this and fact that

I need to re-route the stories in my head

and how my friend put it: Teach me the

strength to face the people I cannot change

the wisdom to change the ones I can,

and the wisdom to know it’s me.



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