My mind slowly seems

to mingle everything from

today to last week, to last month

a year and years ago. As if

all I ever did, saw, felt, said

has to be reviewed now,

just when I’m laying in bed

waiting for sleep to come

and take me on to a new day.


It seems difficult these days

to concentrate- to know the

facts is one thing, but to act

on them… And while I feel trapped

one way or another in my

head – it feels that perhaps, if

I’d give this wandering mind

a walk around the park, then

perhaps, It tires itself out-

And will let me sleep.


And so I take it- to a place

It has seen before, but that

allows for new things. Words.

Perhaps writing a poem about

how it feels to be awake now,

won’t help. But at least I have

something to show for all the

digging around and strolling

through memories I did.


This wandering mind longs to

travel, but for now, a walk in the

park, should be enough.

DSC03382 (2)

To just sit here and let it all be.


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