End of the month


My priceless floor

I have that strange thing

Where I enjoy looking at my bank balance

but then again, I get frustrated a bit in

the end of the month, – all the money

that is in that will be gone in a few days

when the new month begins-

A strange voice in my mind says:

If only the rent would be subtracted

and the insurance as well- So much

satisfaction, then you’ll know what

you’ll have for the rest of the month

that said -until payday comes,

and the 3 other dates you’ll get

paid. And so the satisfaction never

really comes or rather it soon leaves

again, the months they come and go

and the money ebbs and flows- a thing

that is as certain as the tide- only

moved by the movement of time.

and it makes me feel stuck somehow

in the rhythm of days- they come

and go, and nothing really changes-

but then again- what a beautiful thing

that I can enjoy even with a bit of

frustration, what others loath- I am now

not in the least bit stressed out-

I have enough to live, and breath

and sit here, writing about money

with no worries on my mind.


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