Asked for a Poem

And since I wear my new favorite

shirt- I never liked things with words

but this one I do- Fight Evil With Poetry

It says and so she asks- do you have one.

A poem she meant.

As I stand my mind is empty- and yet

I think I’ll try. and so I start- I was wandering

around the city looking for a place, then

I found this place, and now I’m filled with the

grace- and finished – of God.

And there it was suggestions of how I should

change it so it would rhyme- ‘Place filled with God’s

grace’ or something like that but then again.

Most of life doesn’t rhyme- it’s just us trying to

find some kind of beauty in the mess of it all.

So yeah- I don’t do rhyming. I do rhythm,

Free verse- something defying what others

think I should do- or perhaps, make them think

because something in it is imperfect, something

scratches the surface, creating an itch that

calls to actively engage- one way or another,

I won’t change my words just because you say

I should. But you can order the words like you

would- just use your own voice, don’t try to

bend mine.


It’s all there- if you simply look


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