unknown rules

Sometimes I stumble through my words

DSC05593 - kopie

unclear- floor made of lose parts – fitting together yet coming apart

ending in places I did not expect- not really

sure what it was that I said. Sometimes I stumble

to days quick and without end not really sure

what has happened. And it leaves me feeling

unguarded sure that I broke the rules simply cause

I once again forgot what they were.

It leaves me feeling unguarded and like I’ve betrayed

myself by showing my life and my heart to the world.


I want to be in a place where I trust me enough to

say what do without fearing I haven’t thought long

enough. I want to trust me enough to know I did

what I needed to – even when it’s hard to tell the days

apart. and to look back in pride instead of fear that

I should have said less, I should have said more

I should have done less, I should have done more

DSC05590 - kopie

Quite unsure about what it is that I see.

I’ll never be enough to the core.


And while writing all of this. I know I am already

so much less trapped in the cage that I feel that

the very steps that I take are mistakes and yet-

it’s so easy to go back to that.


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