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Once upon a time.

4 words, so many connotations. My head works like ‘flipperkast’ throw in one word or image, and all different things arrive: the melody of Princess of China, Coldplay vs. Rihanna?!. The ABC series with fairy-tale characters. Alleged beginnings. Today is such a beginning. Beginning of writing. Once upon a time, while the sun was going down on a Thursday in march, a new blog was born. It was rather random and rather rudimentary (love that word, had to look it up to see if it’s use in this sentence was not again random, but the’ Prisma woordenboek Engels/Nederlands’ says ‘in een beginstadium’ ‘in a state of beginning’ so it seems rather appropriate.). But it was there, awake and aware though yet unseen. Like when you wake up from a dream, the dream is still clear in your mind, but you cannot expect anyone else to know what it was about.

This blog is a product of extensive procrastination, the desire to create something while all other productiveness seems lost. ‘a shot at redemption’ an attempt to make a scrapbook adventure of what was to become a paper or a presentation. an investigation into the imaginative corners of the mind when the mind has no willingness to go anywhere else.


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