Something new- Bike seat cover Tutorial


happy fabric

So today I’m trying something new, I’m alone at the house today so I can make as much mess as I want, so I decided to do a project that I’ve been thinking about for some time, and also bought some supplies for some weeks ago. Since it is quite a simple project, in the sense that it takes little time, I thought I could perhaps even try to make a tutorial out of it… There are a few reasons why I wanted to try this- first of all because I love it when other people do make tutorials. In fact, when I first started reading blogs it was because I was reading craft blogs that had wonderful tutorials… I certainly didn’t do every tutorial I ever read but I did make quite some different things. Secondly, I’ve been listening to ‘Elise gets crafty’ a podcast by Elise joy, that makes blogging about creative things seem super do-able. I have always wanted to write about making things, and sometimes I do, but I found out that what I enjoy with writing more than making some kind of project documentation of craft, is just using writing and words as a craft. The third reason for trying to make this tutorial is that I’m currently in a course and a research that asks for practical documentation and I’m bad at that, so I thought I should get some practice by documenting a not study related subject.

So what I’ve been making: I’ve been making a seat cover for my bike- I had one my mum bought me years ago, but it was falling apart so I needed a new one. I bought super cute fabric at ‘A. Boeken’ fabric store, with flowers and flamingos and I already had some ‘laptop cover fabric’- scuba for giving it a bit more body, to compensate for the holes in my bike seat, that made me need the cover in the first place. The fabric with the flamingo is wat resistant, which is important because I don’t want it to be completely soaked when it will have to deal with a few drops of rain.

So what will follow are the steps I took, with the pictures of that part of the process- I hope it will inspire you into making your own seat bike cover, or any other project 🙂

  1. Tracing the shape of the top of the seat measuring the outline of the seat to know how big to cut the second part of the pattern, the side.DSC04105
  2. I cut the top and the sides of the cover, cutting the cover twice, once with the flamengo fabric, and once with the scuba.  DSC04112DSC04126
  3. sewing the scuba and the flamengo fabric togetherDSC04139
  4. sewing a tunnel in the side part of the cover wide enough for my elastic to go into it.DSC04145
  5. pinning the sides to the seat and sewing it.DSC04150DSC04151
  6. testing it on the seat                                          DSC04157DSC04161
  7. Adding the elastic to the side
  8. testing again to see how much elastic is needed. DSC04182
  9. Sewing the elastic together on the right size burning the edges of the elastic and the back seam to keep the edges from fraying.

    10. Checking if it works on other shape seats


Any comments on my first tutorial or questions: very welcome!


The Bigger Pictures- Lost in the details



Lost- one of my favorite lyrics incorporating the word ‘lost’ is from Newton Faulkners ‘Lullaby’, From his first album of which he made a 45 minutes video where he plays all the songs in his house- lullaby is the last one. The lyrics tell ‘If you’re not lost, I guess that makes you found. The last few weeks with shortening days and no clear goals I must say I felt a little lost.  At a point, I actually watched part of the first episode of lost- because I did not know what to do with myself. This week is a first of very structured weeks- work early in the morning- afternoon and evening off- though I must say these evenings are easily filled.


Today, however, I do not feel lost- inspired by a roommate who spends her last days before work starts again with improving the house, I finally also executed some of my plans. cleaning out my room and throwing out things makes it possible once again to see some order in the chaos. I even re-arranged some of my work on the wall, and to keep this blog visually interesting I took some photos.


Everything might still seem a little bit chaotic, but lots of things, including me, are no longer lost. I guess that makes me found.



Writing something intelligent

I have written about writing a lot on this blog. I’ve been exploring why I write, why I think it matters, and what I write and how what others write helps me. One of the reasons I write is to document some of my feelings. Sometimes these feelings do not last, solely the products of the feelings in the forms of poems or rants on paper. However, when these things re-occur, I can go back to my writing to understand how I felt about something, and perhaps how that changed. Growing up in a strong Christian tradition we quickly learned how people often remember only the good things about a previous situation if something goes bad. The Israelites when in the desert after being freed from Egyptian slavery reacted to a lack of meat with the words: oh but in Egypt at least we had meat, forgetting that they also had masters that knew no mercy. Similarly, I am always critical about my own recollection of events: was it as good as I remember? Or was it a bit more nuanced than that? Was it much better?

U Voelt Zo Dicht Weg

‘U Voelt Zo Dicht Weg’- ‘You Feel So Close Away’

Reading back helps me understand sometimes, but first, it has to be written. Sometimes, struggling with what to think of feel about a certain event I long to write ‘something intelligent’ about the matter. Hoping that words will help me understand something that feels quite uncertain. In fact, this is also how I pray sometimes. I hope that somehow I could address some meaningful words to God, to connect when I feel disconnected. Sometimes this happens and sometimes it does not. And so to improve my meditation on the words I could address to God, I decided to sew a prayer. I started embroidering with my sewing machine again a few days ago and after some trials, i thought of combining the meditation of sewing and praying. I started to sew: God, U bent hier, maar u voelt zo- (meaning god, you are here but you feel so- ), I  wanted to continue to sew  ‘ver weg’ (meaning ‘Far away’) however, wandering in my mind I started to write Dicht ‘(meaning: close’). To be honest to my first intention I decided to compromise: I finished with ‘weg’. resulting in : ‘U voelt zo dicht weg’- ‘You feel so close away’. It is not correct dutch or English and a word play between far away and close by, yet this felt like something very intelligent to write. It is beautiful and also helped me to understand how I was feeling these past days- not necessarily about God but about some things around me. These things felt ‘away’ but at the same time to close to let go. To remember what I wrote, I restitched the last part of my prayer: ‘U voelt zo dicht weg’. I pinned it to the wall to remember that something letting go of thoughts and accidentally straying can give beautiful insights.


The magic of running from a great converstation

So. Imagine this movie scene. One of the characters goes and sits on a bench on a small airport, notices the other character, who seems to be a Russian, since the book he reads has Cyrillic letters. The characters stay side by side and little to nothing seems to be happening. and then… The supposedly Russian guy starts talking to the girl who came to sit next to him. And we have no idea what he says, neither does the girl. We find out that for some reason the guy thought that maybe this girl was from his country, and for that reason spoke to her in an unknown language. Everyone can guess what happens next: they start to talk about where they came from and where they are going and the meaning of life. Since the conversation is not finished and they both have to catch a flight they travel together through security and follow the flow of the conversation. And then. In a split second the girl realizes she is late for her flight, and without knowing anything about this guy except where he is from and where he is going and his vision of life she runs off, leaving what this conservation could be when she would not be running off, to everyone’s imagination.

In the second scene, we see this girl again. This time she is in the town where she lives. She carries a book and goes to sit on a bench and there she reads it. A little later a guy comes and sits next to her, working on his laptop. Nothing really happens for a long time, until the girl puts the book next to her on the bench and the wind opens the book, and takes out one of the precious notes this girl found in this book, that she has on permanent loan from someone she loves. Of course, for dramatic purposes this bench is on a canal side and the note flies to the water and lands there. The girl runs after it and since she does not know how to get the note back she considers quickly reading it again and copying it. Yet then the guy that until now did nothing of particular interest comes over, puts away his phone and jumps in to the boat that is next to the note and rescues the piece of paper. The guy asks: “Was it a shopping list? Because sometimes when I find other people’s shopping lists I buy the things that are on there.” The girl is a bit confused and starts copying the note to a book, to save its content and to wait until it is dry. When she finishes she decides to continue the conversation and you can imagine what happens, they end up talking about where they came from and where they are going and the meaning of life. The sun moves around the sky and the shades get longer. Yet the girl has no clue what time it is until she gets a phone call from the person that she is supposed to meet: she is half an hour late. The two introduce themselves to one another, spell their first names and the girl runs off, leaving what this conservation could be when she would not be running off, to everyone’s imagination.

New Thiings :) :)

So the other day I bought a new sewing machine.. Since I have to bring mine to the repair man anyways I thought before I spend more than 30 euro on that I might just buy a 45 year old one for 30 as even just a temporary replacement. Turns out it is actually a great one (I knew the brand was good, but still cool that it works this well) and by the encouragment of watching ‘’ experimenting with textiles video training I decided to make something!


doodeling looks so much more sophisticated when you do it on a sewing machine

While I was at it I decided I could make a new logo/tagline for lieverleesje:

Lieverleesje, restitching stories one by one. *I know that is very unclear in the actual thing 🙂 So here it is!

Lieverleesje - Restitching Stories one by one

Lieverleesje Restitching stories one by one