Something new- Bike seat cover Tutorial


happy fabric

So today I’m trying something new, I’m alone at the house today so I can make as much mess as I want, so I decided to do a project that I’ve been thinking about for some time, and also bought some supplies for some weeks ago. Since it is quite a simple project, in the sense that it takes little time, I thought I could perhaps even try to make a tutorial out of it… There are a few reasons why I wanted to try this- first of all because I love it when other people do make tutorials. In fact, when I first started reading blogs it was because I was reading craft blogs that had wonderful tutorials… I certainly didn’t do every tutorial I ever read but I did make quite some different things. Secondly, I’ve been listening to ‘Elise gets crafty’ a podcast by Elise joy, that makes blogging about creative things seem super do-able. I have always wanted to write about making things, and sometimes I do, but I found out that what I enjoy with writing more than making some kind of project documentation of craft, is just using writing and words as a craft. The third reason for trying to make this tutorial is that I’m currently in a course and a research that asks for practical documentation and I’m bad at that, so I thought I should get some practice by documenting a not study related subject.

So what I’ve been making: I’ve been making a seat cover for my bike- I had one my mum bought me years ago, but it was falling apart so I needed a new one. I bought super cute fabric at ‘A. Boeken’ fabric store, with flowers and flamingos and I already had some ‘laptop cover fabric’- scuba for giving it a bit more body, to compensate for the holes in my bike seat, that made me need the cover in the first place. The fabric with the flamingo is wat resistant, which is important because I don’t want it to be completely soaked when it will have to deal with a few drops of rain.

So what will follow are the steps I took, with the pictures of that part of the process- I hope it will inspire you into making your own seat bike cover, or any other project 🙂

  1. Tracing the shape of the top of the seat measuring the outline of the seat to know how big to cut the second part of the pattern, the side.DSC04105
  2. I cut the top and the sides of the cover, cutting the cover twice, once with the flamengo fabric, and once with the scuba.  DSC04112DSC04126
  3. sewing the scuba and the flamengo fabric togetherDSC04139
  4. sewing a tunnel in the side part of the cover wide enough for my elastic to go into it.DSC04145
  5. pinning the sides to the seat and sewing it.DSC04150DSC04151
  6. testing it on the seat                                          DSC04157DSC04161
  7. Adding the elastic to the side
  8. testing again to see how much elastic is needed. DSC04182
  9. Sewing the elastic together on the right size burning the edges of the elastic and the back seam to keep the edges from fraying.

    10. Checking if it works on other shape seats


Any comments on my first tutorial or questions: very welcome!


playing with a master and ink

I got to play with different kinds of pen en ink, the pen being a reed pen that I made for the purpose of making a ‘copy’ of a Ferdinand Bol ink drawing, in the style of Rembrandt. what I loved about working after this drawing is how different ‘copies’  of the face result in completely different characters.




This one came out Asian?!


A bit scary..


Face as part of the copy

to try- I’ve never done it so..

I’ve never done it, so I think I can,

that’s supposedly what Pippi Longstocking

said and beyond doubts or fears or

the insecurity that has been my outlook

on life, and to, though hesitantly,

truly believe in what I am and why

I am doing what I’m doing.

cause although nothing is perfect

I can make something

beautiful, meaningful

strong, powerful.


Such a beautiful image to find.

Writing challenge- poems


When light makes poetic impressions

So a few years ago I read a free online book that was named writing to find yourself by Allison Vesterfelt, it then was a free download on Noisetrade. The book challenges to just write if you at some point want to have something written. One of the ways to get used to writing is according to her to write ‘morning papers’ just every morning write for an hour, about anything. I’ve tried different forms of this- for instance just write 2 pages per day in my journal, or indeed writing for an hour every day (first half hours is hard, after that, much easier).  This month, however, for the sake of ‘poetry writing month’ in the US, I’ve joined a group ‘Fight Evil with Poetry’ facilitated by the amazing musician and spoken word artist Micah Bourne. I’m now at the 22nd day- one day ‘faster’ then the rest of the group mostly in the US, and it has been a good practice.

The challenge works in such a way that every day there is a prompt for the poem of the day, and these prompt range from ‘write about your favorite food’ to ‘write about something that hurt you from the perspective of someone who hurt you’- not the lightest of topics. It has been interesting for me since I usually write from emotion, or because there is some kind of inspiration or happening at the time that I am writing, and I rarely make time to write poetry about a particular topic. Similarly, I almost exclusively write ‘when the muse strikes me’- I have periods that I write a lot and periods that I write nothing at all. The challenge to write a poem a day has certainly helped me to write more consistently, and also to actually explore the less explosive or clear emotions and thoughts. By being ‘forced’  to write about emotionally challenging subjects It actually helped me to put some ideas and feelings I have known about for a long time on paper.

Of course, the great thing about doing this particular kind of challenge is that I am not alone in doing it. Others do the same challenge and because it is a reasonable ‘anonymous’ group, the most delicate subjects are discussed and explored. What is also very interesting is to see the different interpretations of different writers on a theme. Sometimes these interpretations are similar to mine, other times not at all. To recognize your own feelings in words of others, or to learn to be more open-minded or empathetic towards people that have such different lives, is very precious to me. At the same time, writing about different topics because ‘I have to’, have also allowed for beautiful conversations with friends and family. And have helped me share new found words, that help understand each other better. That to me,  connecting with others, is truly writing to find yourself.

Sunrise, tattoos, sunset, and bruises


sunset magic

Where I am, I rarely see the sunrise

or the sunset- it’s too early, too late or

to clouded. But just to celebrate the

complete and utter beauty of it

I have leggings with trees and the blue

and pink that the sun sometimes paints.

sunrise or sunset I wear beauty that

can be mistaken for bruises or tattoos

proudly on my legs.

Still, time to write

As I told him of the things I have to do these days

and the places my mind takes me,

he aware of how much all of that takes said

‘And still you have time to write’

It is true I do write quite a lot these days

but not because I have the time as much

they are short thoughts that these days

turn into long poems. Writing is a way

to travel time when all my spoken words

are lost. When my brain works at the

speed of writing and typing.

Where I would always be able to talk for

hours, these days of writing a lot

I as for the first time seem to somehow

lose my ability for speech.


The dogma of the never lost things.

I would always be held accountable,


Diamonds on fine dirt

for something I had lost

‘Nothing can just disappear’

a phrase that made that losing anything


like one and one is two,

two minus one was still two you

just had to search harder,

trace your steps,

draw maps out of your unconscious


nothing could be lost,


Six I found as nine

only misplaced, and leaving it

there to rest or to be found

by someone else was unacceptable.

you had to act now, no matter the cost.  


It was cruel to live in a hemisphere, like that

with a talent for losing anything,

to have the most impeccable disappearance act

where even the master doesn’t know what happened

It is strange, loving finding things, when

you are told that all that seems misplaced is

just waiting to be found back by the rightful owner.


And so. although the lessons were not easy

and often made me feel desperate.

I embraced the doctrine as part of my own path.


Crown of cardboard beauty

Nothing can truly be lost.

everything can be found back.

and since I’m lazy and patient.

I will use the time when things are lost

not to search but to wander, and wonder

and marvel at all the beautiful things that

are left by many, never displacing them.

Simply capturing them by camera,

and giving them a special place in my heart.


They see something


The moments when they tell you-

you look happy, at ease, you look good

Right where you are.

Happier, more restful and less stressful.

And it says something like- you looked like crap

last time I saw you..

And although it feels sad to see

that before, it wasn’t as good as now

the beauty and the kindness of

accurate observation,

make me more thankful

to be where I am,


Train on track


So what do you do after 4 days after fulltime

having everyone you do and don’t know around

when you sit back. and the music plays

and you look around. and you smile.

and you write, and you write and you write

because it might be a simple pleasure

but this is the beauty of life

that our Savior died for.

To live,  and live and live and

travel and look at the moon

to travel and look at the moon

and to know that all is good

cause he is Save.


Celebrate the short days

Since we changed the clock last Sunday here, the days are rapidly getting longer. And although I am positively thrilled about that- and the longer days are just delightful, I’m going to miss taking photos of the city in the dark. And so it’s time to celebrate the short days- although to be fair- some of these pictures were not taken during the day but more around midnight. Ah well, such is life.

DSC03380DSC03373 (2)DSC03366 (2)DSC03359DSC03354